Golf Fashion Weekly features SKIN Sunscreen

We’re in the dog days of summer, enjoying all the bright moments on and off the course. These are the days we need protection from those rays. While we know beauty is not only skin deep, pretty skin is desirable. Enter SKIN Sunscreen, founded for golfers, by golfers. Charlie Rymer, PGA professional and golf personality is a fan. “Being diagnosed with skin cancer made me completely rethink how I protect myself from the sun and its harmful rays. I hadn’t been doing a good job,” he said. “SKIN Sunscreen makes it so easy not only to apply, but critically REAPPLY. It’s not greasy like the other products I’ve tried. I’ve noticed after a full day in the sun properly protected, I just feel better. Thanks SKIN Sunscreen!”

Most golf apparel brands are incorporating UV protection in their fabrications. Check the clothing descriptions of performance attire in Antigua, Chase 54 and more, actually most. Then there are those like SanSoleil targeting specifically UV protection in their styles. There are even a whole bunch of sun protective sleeves to slip on if you google them. But, unless you dress like a mummy, there is exposure to benefit from SKIN Sunscreen, which is formulated specifically for golfers and their environment. The SPF 30+ sunscreen utilizing Zinc and Titanium Dioxide as its base, is very water resistant, Broad Spectrum, and delivers UVA/UVB protection. SKIN Sunscreen is trusted for performance and protection by nearly 280 Tour Players on the PGA Tour, European Tour and Tour. For sprays, tubes, large bottles, individual packets and lip balm, go to


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